Is rPET vegan?
Yes, no animals were harmed to make this material.

Is rPET waterproof and durable? Does the paint come off?
Our product goes through a final varnishing process in order to seal the artwork and protect the paint from scratching. You can easily clean it by gently rubbing the surface in circles using a soft cloth and a few drops of water.

Is Recycled Leather vegan?
No, recycled leather comes from the scraps of other bags, shoes and wallets made from genuine leather.

What kind of paint is used on Motola accessories?
Resin based acrylic paints.

Is there a product repair service?
Since our manufacturing process is currently in Mexico, repair service is not available in USA. 

Is there a warranty of the products that I bought?
Sure, you have a 7 day warranty after your product arrive. See Shipping and Return policy page for more details.

I have more questions...
Please contact us by:

Email (preferred): frida@redcatalina.com
Call or text: (954) 589-7950
DM us on IG: @motolausa